Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Looking for a Speaker for your Christian Women's Event?


Looking for a speaker for your next Christian women's event?
I’m glad you stopped by. I'd love to share what Jesus has done in my life.

We serve a Mighty God. When I speak with women, I share how He helps us to overcome our fear, and to discover our identity in Him, one that isn't based on what others think or our past mistakes.

I share God's Truth using stories women can relate to from everyday life. His living Word speaks to us right where we are. I love to see others embrace who God is, and all they are in Christ.

I love the image in Jeremiah 17:8 and Psalm 1:2-3 of drinking deeply next to a stream.

The Word of God is like that stream and Jesus is the source of Living Water. We can't live without Him. 

When I bring a message to your event, I encourage women to live boldly for Him with complete dependence upon Him.

We need a fresh encounter with Jesus who breathes peace into life’s storms and whose Living Water refreshes our parched soul.

God is faithful. He sees everything you are facing. He hears your every cry. He has written your name on the palm of His hand - a precious promise to never forget you.

Interested in more?

Take a look at my sample speaking topics and feel free to contact me with your idea for your event theme.

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Contact me - I would love to talk about what's going on in your world and discuss how I can bring a message of encouragement to your women's event.

Until then, I Wish You Peace.


 Stream Photo Taken by Jeanne Doyon